3 Barracks Terran vs Protoss Strategy Against High Templars

This high level Terran vs Protoss game shows some great unit control and infantry battles. The map is Xel'Naga Caverns which is becoming a very popular map for 1v1.

Terran starts off with a normal Barracks, makes 2 Marines then adds a Reactor on it. While the Reactor is building he throws down two more Barracks to add Tech Labs to. This way he gets the long build time of the Reactor out of the way early in the game before he needs a lot of units.

With three Barracks on the field he makes Marines and Marauders for an early push. Terran also makes an early Missile Turret at his ramp to ward off any possible Observers and Dark Templar that may come. Protoss gets a very early Templar Archives for early High Templar to deal with this threatening infantry force.

When Terran sees the High Templar he throws down a Ghost Academy and researches the Moebius Reactor for his Ghosts to give them more energy when they're trained. With Ghosts and High Templar on the battlefield the advantage will go to the player with better micro. Ghosts can EMP or Snipe High Templar while they can fight back by Psi Storming and casting Feedback on the Ghosts.

Terran then techs up to get Medivacs to support his army then expands and does more of the same. This is a great example of how keeping your strategy simple can win you more games. All the Terran player goes for is Barracks units and Medivacs which is very effective. As usual, having good macro is key to winning with this strategy.

Check out the game below and feel free to check out these other Terran vs Protoss strategies.

Part 1: Terran vs Protoss Pro Game

Part 2:


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