Starcraft 2 Terran Build Orders – Best Pro Terran Builds

At higher levels of play in Starcraft 2, it’s essential that you get off to the best start possible in every game. When you do you will have a much higher chance of surviving early aggression, building a strong economy and ultimately being victorious. This is where Terran build orders come in.

Pro level players will practice their Terran builds over and over again until they are second nature and can do them without even thinking about it. They will also spend hours testing different builds to see which one gives them the best result in the early game. Since you and I probably don’t have that much time to spend testing, we can learn straight from the pros by copying their builds and practicing them on our own.

This section on Starcraft 2 Terran build orders will expand over time to include all the best terran builds that the pros are currently using. If you have a build that you would like tested please let me know using the contact form.

Starcraft 2 Terran Build Order Basics

When learning a certain build order, most of the time you will see numbers next to a unit or building name. Something like this: 12 Supply Depot. This means that you should build a Supply Depot when your population hits 10 (it’s in the upper right corner)

Unless you are doing some sort of early Barracks or cheese build, you should always build your first Supply Depot when your supply hits 10. This has been tested and shown to be more efficient than building it at 9 supply.

The key to performing a build order most effectively is to construct your buildings right when you have enough resources. So if you’re supposed to build a Barracks at 12 supply, then you need to move your SCV out a little early and get it in position to start your Barracks right when your Mineral count hits 150. If you wait too long to move your SCV out to build you will get behind.

For a great way to practice your Terran build orders, download the YABOT Build Order Tester. Open it up with Starcraft 2 and you’ll be able to practice your build orders to become very efficient at them.

Terran Build Order Limitations

A good Terran build order will give you strict instructions to follow for the first few minutes of the game. As the game goes longer, it becomes impossible to maintain a strict build order because your opponent will do things that are unexpected.

Because of this, build orders are fairly restrictive and are just part of your complete strategy. After you execute your chosen build order, you will need to have a general strategy and direction that you want to go. Then it will be up to you to execute it effectively.

One of the most important things you can focus on is your macro. This is your ability to get a big economy and produce a lot of units to crush your opponents. With good macro, you will have plenty of resources to execute your strategy and make a big army to be able to take the win. Be sure to grab my Starcraft 2 Macro Guide for some great ideas to help you master your macro game.

Popular Terran Build Orders: