Starcraft 2 Terran vs Terran Strategy – Win TvT In SC 2

Mirror matches in real time strategy games are always interesting since both players have access to the exact same units and tech. The Terran vs Terran matchup in Starcraft 2 is no different. If the game isn’t ended quick these games tend to go pretty long because of the strength and immobility of Siege Tanks.

Many times the game will go to whoever has better macro, which is your ability to expand effectively, keep your resources spent, and make a massive army. To learn 3 simple steps that will help you macro better than your opponent, be sure to check out my Starcraft 2 Macro Guide. Once you have your macro down, then use the strategies below to beat your opponents in the Terran vs Terran match.

Early Game TvT Strategies

The most solid way to play a Terran vs Terran game is to get a solid economy up and then go for the win in the later stages of the game. All-in plays are a bad idea because if they fail you will lose almost 100% of the time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be aggressive, in fact you should. One of the best early game strategies is to use early aggression to help you get out a fast expansion.

Effective Openers:

  • An extremely early push composed of a Hellion and a few Marines can be very effective if you can get to his base before any Tanks come out. Your micro has to be tip top to make it most effective though.
  • You can go for an early Thor backed by some SCV’s and Marines to do a pretty effective push.
  • Another aggressive move is to get Siege Tanks and as soon as you get your first Viking move out for an attack. Your Viking will allow you to see up onto the high ground and take out defenses from far away.
  • Getting a Starport out fast with a Tech Lab can be very effective. Use a Banshee to harass the mineral line of your opponent, or move out with it as your first push. Most Terran players will not have a lot of anti-air in the beginning.

A solid Terran build order to use in the Terran vs Terran matchup is to start off with 1 Barracks, 1 Factory, and 1 Starport so you have access to all your tech choices. Once you have your main base established and push out to attack your Terran opponent, you should lay down an expansion.

Mid Game Terran vs Terran Strategies

As you transition into the mid-game you will begin to unroll the strategy that you think will work best against your opponent. Vikings and Siege Tanks are very good in TvT as Tanks are the most powerful ground unit in the game especially in large numbers. Use the Vikings to control the air space and spot for your Siege Tanks (Tanks can shoot farther then they can see).

If your opponent has a cluster of Siege Tanks setup, never try to attack him head on. That’s exactly what he wants and your army will get crushed. Instead attack him where he’s weak. If he has a bunch of Siege Tanks in the middle of the map for example, you should take some Medivacs around to the back of his base and drop some Marines & Marauders & Tanks in there to hurt his economy.

Air control is very valuable to have when playing against another Terran player. It will allow you to scout effectively and make the most out of your Siege Tanks. Plus if you control the airspace, then you can make Medivac drops at your discretion. If at any point you win the Viking war, move your Vikings over your opponent’s Starports to kill anymore that come out. Doing so is a great way to shut down his air unit production.

Late Game Starcraft 2 Terran vs Terran Strategy

Many Terran vs Terran games end up moving into the late game because of the stalemates that are produced from massing Tanks and Vikings. It’s hard to attack with Siege Tanks because they don’t do near as much damage when they are un-sieged.

If you’ve been macroing well, then you should have 3-4 bases moving into the late game and lots of resources. If you have air control, keep making Vikings, but quit making Siege Tanks. This will free up resources to allow you to start producing Battlecruisers. You don’t want to go crazy with Battlecruisers, getting just a couple can be very effective.

The only unit that Terran has to counter Battlecruisers is Vikings, so be sure to have a big escort of Vikings to keep your BC’s safe. They do an extraordinary amount of damage to ground units, march around with your air army and take out your opponents expansions and Tanks. Be sure to research Yamato Cannon to take out air defenses and Vikings that may oppose you.

If you just can’t seem to penetrate the Terran defenses of your opponent, then focus on expanding and preventing him from expanding. You don’t need to win in a straight out battle, you can starve him out and slowly wear down his army until you can get in and do the real damage to take the win.

Final Thoughts for Terran vs Terran

I’ve tried to cover the most common ways that players are using to win this matchup, but there are more strategies you can use in Terran vs Terran. The #1 thing you need to focus on is making sure you have good macro at all times. If you forget to expand or don’t make enough SCV’s your army will suffer and you’ll lose to sheer numbers.

Always try to figure out where your opponent is weak. Instead of attacking his main army, send some troops in to cripple his economy. Make use of Medivacs and sneak in around defenses to take out key structures. If your in a long game, be sure to set up a couple Armories and Engineering Bays to upgrade your units. The longer the game goes, the more useful and worth it those upgrades will be. They can really mean the difference between a win and a loss.