Starcraft Master Achievement Guide – How To Beat Every Round

Starcraft Master Portrait AchievementBlizzard recently came out with a new custom game mod called Starcraft Master. Along with it came 7 new achievements: Starcraft Pupil, Starcraft Apprentice, Starcraft Expert, Starcraft Master, Safe Zone, Whack-a-Roach and Blink of an Eye. Plus a cool new portrait to add to your collection. I don’t talk about it much on here, but I have a little ‘OCD’ with achievements so I had to play through Starcraft Master so I could get them all.

It was a lot of fun too! Got to practice some new micro that I hadn’t done before, and also use some of things I do in a lot of real games. Very cool mod.

I went ahead and recorded a bunch of videos showing exactly how to beat each challenge in case you had trouble with any of them. I go through and explain what the easiest way to complete each challenge (that I could find) then show how to execute it. I put them into 30 separate short videos so you could skip to the one you’re having trouble with. Hope it helps you out!

To play “Starcraft Master,” go to the Multiplayer tab in Starcraft and click “Create Custom Game.” Do a search for “master” and find the mod called Starcraft Master that was created by Blizzard. Start it up and have some fun!

You can find the entire video series on youtube here:

Or you can look below and watch just the video of the challenge you’re having a hard time with.

Round 1: Marine Double Team

Round 2: Stalkers vs. Zealots

Round 3: Zealot Choke

Round 4: Focus Fire

Round 5: Retarget

Round 6: Burrow Ambush

Round 7: Colossus Smash

Round 8: Safe Zone

Round 9: Whack-a-Roach

Round 10: Ramp Control

Round 11: Storm ‘n Run

Round 12: Friendly Fire

Round 13: Hold Position

Round 14: Force Field Surround

Round 15: Force Field Smash

Round 16: Fungal Death

Round 17: SCV Good to Go

Round 18: Stim Micro

Round 19: Prismatic Beam

Round 20: Blink Train

Round 21: So Many Banelings

Round 22: Bane vs Bane

Round 23: Cloaked Banshees

Round 24: Blink of an Eye

Round 25: Micro-Insanity

Round 26: Scorched Earth

Round 27: Moving Shot

Round 28: Dead Eye Ghosts

Round 29: Let’s Dance

Round 30: Untouchable

That’s it…longest blog post ever haha!

Now go get all those juicy Starcraft Master achievements!

As always if you have any questions or comments leave them below =)

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  • Bob

    Thanks alote mate “micro insanity” was driving me mad, turns out I had my order wrong, ignore the maurauders is definatly the way.

    • Taerix

      Your welcome! Any other ones give you trouble? I think the hardest for me was round 30 – Untouchable.

  • Poop

    BTW, just wanted to thank you for your intro to macro guide, I play a bit beyond it’s addressed skill level but there are certainly elements in the foundation of my play style that are weak (but I don’t know what they are!!!) and I think that, even though it was just basics, your guide may have helped.


    • Taerix

      Glad it helped you out!

  • Eggrollindumplin

    Hardest one for me was definitely the dead eye ghost, but I ended up just sending marines to back because ghosts can tank very well :3

    • Taerix

      Cool idea, Ghosts don’t take near as much damage as Marines do from nearby Baneling explosions.

  • ScaryPillow

    Amazing! Just beat all 30 rounds of Starcraft Master and got my portrait. I was stuck on rounds 12, 13,17, 21 and the last five but your guides really helped me out. Thanks a lot!